Jumat, 09 Januari 2009

belum clear

Maybe one waited by bloger and also mankinds which roams to be universalized by Internet. To you that udah boringing to use domain blabla.blogspot.com, which is we can get domain com's nipple (your name. com) geratis's ala. Really it is real? Really domain com bener bener's nipple no charge? kayaknya sih emang bener bener is reality and no charge, its problem I myself lom tries, but my afters survey at website, and its result... eng.. ing.. eng.. if terminologicals me sih in reason kalo this quite a free.

Trus why they want to make domain com's nipple makes us? eventually cannikin domain com's nipple (top is domain's level) that is not domain free type. if terminological my answer, why can we get domain com's nipple no charge since they will place advertising / banner at website we, but don't uneasy bannernya will be placed at underside of web / blog we. Nha how? you interest to want try it? please list in

Its tut forgets, there are several stipubting again that has to be accomplished, gini nih severally stipulates:

1. Web / blog shall have postingan minimal 15 /monthly, or we / blog you have minimalis visitor 100 / days
2. You shall assemble banner their at webbed underside / blog you.
3. May not contain porn element.
4. etc.

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