Jumat, 09 Januari 2009

HTML Tutorial

Before we step farther available better you know what it HTML.
Html or Hypertext Markup Languange constitutes protocol that is utilized to move data or document of server web goes to our browser (Internet Explorer, Navigator Netscape, NeoPlanet, etc.). Html this is that enables you browsing Internet and see interesting web page.

Currently at marketing exists HTML`s myruad authoring (software That is utilized to make or designs web page). Macromedia Dreamweaver, GoLive`s Adobe, MS FrontPage just as it example, But unknowinglyits basics You won`t get maximal results. Why ? Since despite of that software progressively ofter amenities in make web page, but usually someone is still need to edit that web page manually. Specifially for web page which really complete.

In tutorial this You are i will ask out to know basics of web designs. One that is neede just one word processor. You can utilize Notepad, WordPad, MS Word or another one. But easiest one is utilize Notepad.

Please study in here :

http://rapidshare.com/files/147551859/HTML_TutoriaL.rtf.html (in Indonesian Language)

iF that`s Link is dead..
pLease Confirm for me..

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