Jumat, 09 Januari 2009

Web Hacking & Defense By E-Book

Web Hacking : Attacks and Defense 6.47 MB | English
Exposes complete methodologies showing the actual techniques and attacks. Shows countermeasures, tools, and eye-opening case studies. Covers the web commerce playground, describing web languages and protocols, web and database servers, and payment systems. Softcover.

Features include :
* Overview of the Web and what hackers go after
* Complete Web application security methodologies
* Detailed analysis of hack techniques
* Countermeasures
* What to do at development time to eliminate vulnerabilities
* New case studies and eye-opening attack scenarios
* Advanced Web hacking concepts, methodologies, and tools

“How Do They Do It?” sections show how and why different attacks succeed, including :
* Cyber graffiti and Web site defacements
* e-Shoplifting
* Database access and Web applications
* Java™ application servers; how to harden your Java™ Web Server
* Impersonation and session hijacking
* Buffer overflows, the most wicked of attacks
* Automated attack tools and worms

File : Web_Hacking_-_Attacks_and_Defense.rar

Download Link : http://rapidshare.com/files/104886827/Web_Hacking_-_Attacks_and_Defense.rar

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